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Place your devices anywhere.
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Enjoy precise power delivery.
Drop and forget with peace of mind.
Tap into unparalleled convenience.
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Behind the tech

FreePower is engineered in-house from the ground up

Engineered in-house and from the ground up, FreePower was designed to overcome every fundamental challenge related to wireless charging.

Magnetic Induction

Magnetic induction

FreePower's fundamental charging physics relies on magnetic induction. When a wire-wound coil is energized, it forms a magnetic field. When a receiving coil is placed over this field, it couples with the transmitter and power flows from coil to coil.

Qi Standard

Qi Standard

Qi is the global standard for wireless power applications. It regulates all major smartphones, in-vehicle chargers, and other consumer products. Similar to WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB, Qi has been adopted by tech companies worldwide.

Multi-coil array

Multi-coil array

Standard wireless chargers typically rely on a single coil to deliver power, creating a very limited active charging area. FreePower can scale up to dozens of overlapped coils, providing full surface power with the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Flux Positioning

Flux positioning

FreePower dynamically positions its magnetic fields, also known as "flux." The surface activates combinations of one, two, or three coils based on the location of a device’s receiver, delivering high-efficiency, high-quality charging experiences.

Multi-device charging

Deliver optimized power to multiple devices – and device types – at the same time.

15W fast charging

Thanks to its patented topology, coil design, and power electronics, FreePower outperforms at 15W per device.

200+ patent assets

Stay competitive: build products that are backed by a strong portfolio of developing IP.

Compatible & safe

FreePower is designed to be Qi-compatible and complies with the strictest regulatory standards.

Full surface freedom

Drop devices anywhere across the charging surface and they’ll instantly receive power.

Flexible architecture

FreePower’s modular design can be customized for edge-to-edge charging on any surface.


FreePower has earned prestigious innovation awards from CES and Fast Company, among other distinguished organizations.


As device protocols evolve over time, our upgradeable firmware will be ready for anything.

Why FreePower?

FreePower is a fundamentally new approach to wireless power, with more than 150 patent assets for its groundbreaking hardware, software, and magnetics.

Thanks to its modular and flexible architecture, the scale and diversity of integrations is nearly limitless: FreePower can be used to create charging surfaces of nearly any size for almost any application.

Unlike traditional wireless chargers, which require devices to be precisely aligned with a small hotspot in order to receive power, FreePower features full surface charging from corner to corner. As devices are placed across the charging surface, precise power is delivered to each one and intelligently managed to optimize performance and efficiency.

Why free placement matters

Today’s wireless chargers deliver an inconsistent and inconvenient experience. They typically feature a single charging coil in the center, and if a device is not precisely aligned with the coil, it won't receive any power. This tech has not evolved meaningfully over the last decade – until now. 

Our proprietary platform is the first to deliver on the fundamental promise of wireless charging: offering a truly convenient user experience. One of FreePower's most distinguishing features is its multi-coil array, which supplies power to entire surfaces. This not only means that devices can be placed anywhere and receive power, but users can also charge multiple items at a time.

Why multi-device & future-proofed charging?

How do you keep up with an industry that’s constantly in flux? Tech brands roll out next-generation devices every year, each one featuring a new range of shapes, sizes, and protocols. As soon as these products hit the market, any wireless charger designed around the previous generation’s features can become obsolete overnight.

To overcome these constraints, we’ve designed every element of FreePower to be future-proof. Its updatable firmware ensures seamless compatibility with new device protocols, and its free-placement architecture imposes no limits on the number or size of devices placed on its surface.

Do Even More With NFC

Turn your charging surface into a multi-feature hub with NFC capabilities.

Stay Compatible and Compliant

FreePower safely operates under Qi standard guidelines with FCC certification.

Design Any Shape or Size

Our flexible coil and hardware layout can be customized to suit your surface.

Deliver Precise Power

Dynamic magnetic fields and proprietary FOD technology maximize efficiency and safety.

Custom MCU

A powerful custom chip that enables our advanced free placement technology.

Stay Future-Proof

Our firmware can easily be updated to support new device protocols and technologies.

Countertop wireless charging

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Benchmark. Validate. Improve.

Leverage rich analytics to optimize and refine your solution

In order to develop this advanced technology, FreePower engineers have designed tools that are equally impressive. FreePower Tools enable comprehensive data collection, system validation, and wireless power insights. We've made our library of tools available to dev teams so they, too, can develop industry-leading solutions.

FreePower Tools

Unparalleled industry expertise

You know your business. We know wireless charging.
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Our Process
Flexible Specifications
Effortless design and implementation

We work around your constraints to create a fully customized solution.

Full-stack convenience
Full-stack convenience

FreePower is a complete hardware and software module that seamlessly integrates into our partners’ products.

Multi-coil array
Industrial design freedom

FreePower’s hardware can be engineered in any shape or size to accommodate any number of devices.

Expert insight and guidance

Work with our team of wireless power experts for best-in-class product development.

Work with us

01 Ideate

Determine the product, size, number of chargeable devices, and other key specs.

02 Design

Our engineers will transform your vision into a custom charging surface design.

03 Develop

Work side-by-side with our engineers to develop the perfect wireless solution for you.

04 Innovate

Be on the cutting edge (and stay there) with our upgradeable future-proof firmware.