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FreePower Design Process

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Behind the tech

Engineer with FreePower WordmarkFreePower is engineered in-house from the ground up
Magnetic Induction

Magnetic induction

FreePower's fundamental charging physics relies on magnetic induction. When a wire-wound coil is energized, it forms a magnetic field. When a receiving coil is placed over this field, it couples with the transmitter and power flows from coil to coil.

Qi Standard

Qi Standard

Qi is the global standard for wireless power applications. It regulates all major smartphones, in-vehicle chargers, and other consumer products. Similar to WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB, Qi has been adopted by tech companies worldwide.

Multi-coil array

Multi-coil array

Standard wireless chargers typically rely on a single coil to deliver power, creating a very limited active charging area. FreePower can scale up to dozens of overlapped coils, providing full surface power with the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Flux Positioning

Flux positioning

FreePower dynamically positions its magnetic fields, also known as "flux." The surface activates combinations of one, two, or three coils based on the location of a device’s receiver, delivering high-efficiency, high-quality charging experiences.

215+ patent assets

Tap into our team’s expertise and create customized, high-performance products

Collaborative design

Our experts will help you design, plan, and integrate the most advanced wireless charging platform on the market.

Freedom of placement

Place any Qi-enabled device anywhere on the charging surface to receive efficient, optimized power.

Certified technology

Our technology complies with all standard requirements to ensure safety and compatability.

Patented technology

Our proprietary technology offers you a competitive advantage backed by a strong portfolio of IP.

Custom solutions

We partner with brands and OEMs to design, manufacture, and implement industry-leading wireless charging solutions.

Globally compliant

Wireless power is governed by strict regulations. Our team will help you navigate the certification process for your industry.

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Set your brand apart with a powerful edge

Outperform competitors
Outperform Competitors

Our benchmarks show our proprietary power transfer performs better than competing wireless charging solutions.

Level up your wireless charging product ecosystem
Level-Up Your Ecosystem

FreePower is a flexible and modular surface that can be integrated into nearly any product, allowing brands to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions for their customers.

FreePower provides end-to-end wireless charging development support
Provide end-to-end experiences

Since our in-house team engineered the entire FreePower tech stack, we have the ability to design charging surfaces that fit your products’ unique requirements.

Seamless wireless power is possible with FreePower Technology
Deliver Seamless Power

FreePower maximizes device uptime and avoids accidental mis-alignment with its multi-coil array, which delivers power across the entire charging surface – not just a single spot.

Benchmark. Validate. Improve.

Leverage rich analytics to optimize and refine your solution

In order to develop this advanced technology, FreePower engineers have designed tools that are equally impressive. FreePower Tools enable comprehensive data collection, system validation, and wireless power insights. We've made our library of tools available to dev teams so they, too, can develop industry-leading solutions.

FreePower Tools

Nomad Base Station Pro

The first wireless charger built on FreePower.

Nomad Base Station Pro

Powering The Future

At home, at work, and on the go.

Power Tools

Cables in workplaces are dangerous and inconvenient. Battery-powered tools have changed the industry for the better and have made work more efficient and convenient. With advanced wireless charging from FreePower, we can finally take the next step.

Professional Tools

Cable clutter on your desk or workstation and low battery levels negatively affects work performance. FreePower charges all devices such as keyboards and mice, hair clippers, and restaurant equipment at the same time regardless of where they are placed on the charging surface. 

Home entertainment

Electronics and home entertainment are a natural part of everyday life. Remotes, handheld controllers, headphones, and earbuds elevate the entertainment experience. With FreePower wireless charging technology, the devices will always be fully charged. For your customer increased experience, and convenience. 

Home appliances

Bulky equipment and cables all over the floor and work desks create potential dangers and frustrations in the home environment. With FreePower wireless surface charging, all appliances can run on battery and be charged effortlessly between uses. 

The FreePower Promise

Place devices across the surface, and they’ll charge – it’s that simple.