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Aira and are now FreePower and

In 2017, Aira was founded with the vision of pushing forward wireless charging. Innovation in the space had been moving at a slower rate, and when a new product did hit the market, the user experience left much to be desired. 

With a small but mighty team of hardware, software, and magnetics experts at the helm, Aira began developing its flagship wireless charging platform: FreePower. Under the Aira banner, we brought home a three-shark deal on Shark Tank, won numerous prestigious awards, and successfully launched multiple consumer products with Nomad and others. But it was FreePower that allowed us to achieve all of these things.

For years, we have been wearing two hats: Aira the company, and FreePower the product. Moving forward, we want to simplify and clarify our identity in a way that puts FreePower first, so we will be adopting it as our outward facing brand.

Products with FreePower at their core will have an “Engineered with FreePower” badge, representing unparalleled reliability, quality, and the most premium experience.