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We take a collaborative approach towards product development, from concept to production

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Why work with us?

Expert guidance and support

Work with our team of wireless power experts for best-in-class product development.

Flexible Specifications
Custom design specifications

Full flexibility on size, shape, and number of chargeable devices.

Streamlined Integration
Streamlined integration

Collaborative mechanical design for seamless module integrations.

Efficient Module Manufacturing
Efficient module manufacturing

Leverage FreePower's established, cost-effective supply chain.

FreePower Design Process

A tried and true development process

A collaborative four-step approach to engineer
your custom wireless charging design


  • Review project objectives and define requirements
  • Engage in strategic discussions with FreePower experts
  • Determine all possibilities for your unique solution


  • Define your charging surface
  • Collaborate on industrial and mechanical design
  • Architect the electronic and mechanical elements


  • Build functional samples with high-quality cosmetic execution
  • Validate performance, global certification readiness, and Qi Standard compliance
  • Finalize design for at-scale manufacturing


  • Follow industry standard EV, DV, PV, MP processes (for automotive follow A / B / C / PP sample processes)
  • Provide world-class manufacturing facilities
  • Support long-term mass production demand

Our partnership promise

What do you get when you work with FreePower?

Our technology explained

Efficient power delivery

FreePower’s multi-coil systems have been proven to charge phones faster than off-the-shelf transmitters. Our patented technology rapidly locates chargeable devices, then delivers precise optimized power directly to the receiver.

Collaborative and flexible partnership

No one knows your industry better than you. No one knows wireless power better than us. We work side-by-side with your teams to build wireless power solutions that will provide industry-leading experiences for your customers.

Future-proof technology

Choose a solution that will evolve alongside you and your industry. Our proprietary firmware can be upgraded according to new protocols and technological breakthroughs, so you can get the most out of FreePower for years to come.

Step 1

Select your unique solution

Specify a custom module or start with one of our off-the-shelf options

Custom module
Custom surface wireless charging surfaces

Any shape, size, and number of devices.

Off-the-shelf module
7_coil - Wireless Charging Technology


Single device Wireless Charging
11_coil - Wireless Charging Technology


Single device Wireless Charging
16_coil - Wireless Charging Technology


Dual device Wireless Charging
21_coil - Wireless Charging Technology


Dual device Wireless Charging
30_coil - Wireless Charging Technology


Multi device Wireless Charging

Step 2

Define your specifications

FreePower is scalable, tailored, and supports all major Qi charging protocols

Aira chipset

FreePower proprietary technology icon

Up to 6 devices

Free placement of up to 6 devices

Any shape & size

FreePower can fit any surface shape and size

Modular design

Common controlled & modular surfaces
Compatible with apple devices
Qi compatible with Samsung phones
Freepower works with Google Qi devices
Freepower works with all major protocols including Qi

Step 3

Get it built

We'll work with you from the design phase all the way to prototyping and mass production

Functional Prototyping and EVT

Turn the specs and EVT into a fully functional prototype. The prototype will be manufactured with the materials and specifications you have chosen in one of our selected manufacturing plants and have initial functional testing and analysis.

Mass production and delivery

Fast and efficient mass-manufacturing and delivery of your choice.

Define BOM & Cost

Get a specified BOM and understand what drives the cost structure. We will walk you through what materials and manufacturing choices we have made, and validate it all with you.


Using proven and rigorous testing to ensure compatibility, durability and reliability of your product, before moving into mass-manufacturing. Test the prototype in your intended setting and environment to ensure it’s a perfect match in terms of looks, functionality and performance.

Our NPI Process Explained

Five steps to create outstanding products and experiences


Samples / EVT Samples


Samples / DVT Samples


Samples / PVT Samples


Pre-production samples


Mass production

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Tesla featuring FreePower®

Charge your Qi capable devices such as phones or earbuds by placing them anywhere on the surface without precise alignment.

Nomad Base Station Pro

The first wireless charger built on FreePower.

Nomad Base Station Pro

Clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and expectations

Delivering a smooth wireless charging manufacturing journey



Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


Option 5

Partner with us to leverage award-winning tech

The FreePower Promise

Place devices across the surface, and they’ll charge – it’s that simple.

Leverage FreePower's end-to-end wireless charging expertise

End-to-end wireless charging expertise

FreePower provides everything you need to plan, design, and embed advanced wireless charging into products, spaces, and surfaces. Combining a passion for innovation with cutting-edge proprietary technology, our team can support your project from system hardware design and validation to integration and compliance.