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Taylor Morrison
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FreePower is working with Taylor Morrison, a leading homebuilder, to integrate wireless charging into new residential builds.

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Turn any countertop into a wireless charger

Drop devices anywhere within the charging zone and they'll receive power simultaneously.

Traditional is out.
FreePower is in.

Traditional wireless chargers - single point charging
Traditional wireless charging

Requires precise alignment with a single charging "hot spot," plus an unsightly sticker or symbol to mark the area.


Uses an elegant halo to outline the charging zone, which can accommodate multiple devices across a larger surface.

Customize the charging halo using our app

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Coming soon: countertop solutions engineered with FreePower

We are currently working with fabricators, architects, builders, and designers to bring FreePower technology to countertops everywhere. Contact us to learn more about partnerships, and sign up for our mailing list to stay in the loop.

Wave to wake TM

Wave to WakeTM

It's not magic – it's expert engineering. When FreePower detects a device passing over, the halo glows to guide the way.

Wave to wake TM

Wave to WakeTM

It's not magic – it's expert engineering. When FreePower detects a device passing over, the halo glows to guide the way.

Spatial freedom with FreePower

Spatial freedom

Charge devices by placing them anywhere within the LED halo. Unlike other wireless chargers, there's no need for precise alignment.

Multi-device charging

15W charging

Charge multiple Qi-enabled devices simultaneously – from phones to earbuds and more – delivering up to 15W per device.

app=controlled LEDs

App-controlled LEDs

Use the FreePower app to personalize the charging halo's color theme, brightness, and more to suit your unique space.

5 year warranty

5-year warranty

Our warranty is proof that FreePower is built to last, giving consumers complete peace of mind for the next decade.

Upgradable firmware

Upgradeable firmware

Once it's connected to WiFi via the app, FreePower's firmware can be upgraded as we develop new capabilities and technologies.

Wave to wake TM

Wave to WakeTM

For those who prefer an invisible charging experience, this feature briefly activates the halo when a device is waved overhead.

Powering The Future

At home, at work, and on the go.

Power Tools

Cables in workplaces are dangerous and inconvenient. Battery-powered tools have changed the industry for the better and have made work more efficient and convenient. With advanced wireless charging from FreePower, we can finally take the next step.

Professional Tools

Cable clutter on your desk or workstation and low battery levels negatively affects work performance. FreePower charges all devices such as keyboards and mice, hair clippers, and restaurant equipment at the same time regardless of where they are placed on the charging surface. 

Home entertainment

Electronics and home entertainment are a natural part of everyday life. Remotes, handheld controllers, headphones, and earbuds elevate the entertainment experience. With FreePower wireless charging technology, the devices will always be fully charged. For your customer increased experience, and convenience. 

Home appliances

Bulky equipment and cables all over the floor and work desks create potential dangers and frustrations in the home environment. With FreePower wireless surface charging, all appliances can run on battery and be charged effortlessly between uses. 

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The FreePower Promise

Place devices across the surface, and they’ll charge – it’s that simple.