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Patent assets

FreePower is engineered in-house from the ground up

Every element of FreePower has been engineered in-house and from the ground up. Over the years, our team has created over 200 patent assets worldwide for our advanced wireless charging technology, underscoring our relentless commitment to innovating in this space.

While competitors have built their wireless chargers on legacy technology, we’ve been hard at work engineering something different. Our vision for ubiquitous full-surface wireless power – coupled with full-stack technology development – has accelerated the company into a top patent filing position as we innovate towards a better future.

Broad IP coverage underpins every aspect of FreePower®

Approximately 70% of Aira’s IP is firmware-based and embedded into our custom microprocessor. The remaining 30% is hardware-based. Our IP spans device detection, magnetics design, power delivery architecture, advanced foreign object detection, and thermal management.





Our IP grouped into 5 key categories

FreePower Intellectual Property IP
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FreePower® and Aira® are registered Aira trademarks, copyright 2022. Aira's objective is to achieve balanced enablement, protection, and enforcement for intellectual property including patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.