FreePower benchmarking, validation, and analytics tools

Magnetic Induction

Benchmarking & data

Easily run benchmarks and collect data to understand every aspect of wireless charging, including power transmitted, power received, and state of charge.

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FreePower Experience Tool

FPX is a comprehensive tool for data collection and system validation. Visualize all of the activity occurring within your wireless charger and tap into valuable performance insights.

Wireless power data insights for a iPhone iPhone 14 Pro Max

Comprehensive software tools for deep wireless power insights

Since we designed FreePower’s hardware and software in-house, we also have full access to the chipset and a wealth of data. That means we can build powerful tools on top of our technology.

FreePower’s analytics module monitors our controlling chipset in real time, delivering more rich performance data than ever before to help users optimize their solution.

FreePower Wireless Charging Tools

Data visualization tools that capture and display the most advanced metrics

Since FreePower surfaces vary in size and shape, it's critical to have data collection capabilities that can take all three axes – X, Y, and Z – into account.

Our data visualization tools can map the entire charging surface and display information including efficiency, signal strength, communication, foreign object detection, and other key metrics.

FreePower Wireless Charging Tools

Robot automation tools built in-house

FreePower's proprietary robot automation tools collect data around the clock. All validation and testing can be executed with precise and repeatable orchestrated movements.

Build smarter with FreePower's testing capabilities

Tap into unparalleled insights.
Validate systems like never before.
Benchmark critical data points.
Use robot automation across a surface.
Visualize key wireless power parameters.
Develop the most innovative products.