Our vision

A world where wireless charging is elegant, effortless, and everywhere.

We’re on a mission to create the most advanced wireless charging solution: one that finally puts seamless power at our fingertips.

We want it to be simple and intuitive to power up.

It’s time for wireless charging to be available wherever we go.

For so many of us, our devices are like another limb. So why is it nearly impossible to find convenient charging stations as we move throughout the world? FreePower is the most advanced wireless charging solution to date, designed to overcome key constraints that have limited the adoption of this technology. The result: unparalleled convenience and exceptional product experiences.

At your desk

A new kind of charging station that lets you drop and forget.

A desk with an integrated FreePower surface would not only deliver power to all of your devices simultaneously, but it would also open the door to new innovations: wireless charging lamps to illuminate your workspace, a cordless lava lamp for retro desk vibes, and even mugs that keep your coffee warm using wireless power. Your dream workspace, now with less clutter and no cords.

FreePower for Countertop

In your car

Power all of your devices while on the move.

FreePower is paving the way for elegant surfaces that can charge all of your devices at once. Compared to other in-car wireless chargers that are designed to hold devices in place, our approach provides total freedom of placement. That means your phone, earbuds, and more will receive a constant stream of power, no matter how many bumps and turns you encounter along your journey.

FreePower for Automotive

In public areas

Restaurants, airports, and hotels will always top you off.

FreePower means setting your devices down on an ordinary-looking surface with extraordinary underlying tech. As you enjoy your meal or sip your drink, your devices will receive a steady stream of wireless power no matter their placement or position. With easy-to-use wireless power available wherever you go, dead batteries will become a thing of the past.

FreePower for Countertop

On your nightstand

Never lose sleep over uncharged devices.

Early adopters of wireless charging technology are probably familiar with this scenario: placing a device on your charger before you go to bed, then waking up to a dead battery because it wasn’t aligned with the “sweet spot.” FreePower’s wireless charging experience is a whole other ballgame. Its free-position architecture doesn’t require precise alignment, so users can enjoy a reliable experience each and every time.

FreePower for Countertop

In your toolbox

Your power tools will always be ready to go

Battery-powered tools have made work much more efficient and convenient, and FreePower is here to double down. Want to make sure your most important equipment is always on and ready to get the job done? Use our advanced wireless charging surfaces to quickly recharge power tools on a lunch break or overnight, all without the risk of tripping over a wire.

FreePower for consumer and professional products

The FreePower Promise

Place devices across the surface, and they’ll charge – it’s that simple.

Deliver the promise of free-placement wireless charging to your customers

Give your customers the experiences they deserve with free-placement wireless charging.