FreePower receives three CES Innovation Awards for 2024

November 16, 2023
FreePower receives three CES Innovation Awards for 2024
FreePower for Countertop was recognized for its innovation in smart cities, smart homes, and embedded technologies.

We are thrilled to announce FreePower for Countertop has received three CES Innovation Award Honoree recognitions for 2024: a new wireless charging integration for residential and commercial surfaces. We received awards in categories recognizing innovation in Smart Cities, Smart Homes, and Embedded Technologies.

In 2021, we brought home one innovation award in Embedded Technologies, plus a bonus one by way of the Nomad Base Station Pro in Consumer Electronics. In 2022, we added another award for the work we’ve done in Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation. In total, that's six nods to our innovative excellence – one for each year since our founding.

With FreePower for Countertop, we are closer than ever to achieving our founding goal to make wireless power elegant, effortless and everywhere. This latest application of our technology can turn any countertop into a wireless charger: from bar tops at a restaurant to a kitchen island, this embedded technology seamlessly integrates into surfaces throughout our lives.

For this industry-first implementation, we engineered a proprietary LED halo that is projected through the stone and onto the countertop's surface. It indicates the charging zone, creating an elegant and intuitive user experience that feels exceptionally high-tech. Users can place multiple devices within that zone, powering them up simultaneously. No matter if it’s quartz, granite, or marble, FreePower can be embedded into all of the most sought-after countertop stones, and the halo will shine through brilliantly.

Countertop power isn't just a dream for the future – it’s already here. We're deploying our solution with leading homebuilders and developers including Taylor Morrison (the 5th-largest homebuilder in the US) and Marriott, as well as other restaurant groups, commercial builders, and hospitality groups. Our first installations have already started rolling out, with mass deployment starting at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas early next year.

Take a look at what FreePower for Countertop is all about:

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About FreePower

FreePower is setting a new standard for wireless charging through its elegant hardware and software solution that offers complete freedom of placement across surfaces. Founded in 2017, FreePower is an elegant, adaptable solution that pushes long-standing boundaries to deliver on the fundamental promise of wireless charging – convenience. Built to work with devices operating on the Qi standard, FreePower​ is compatible with all major Qi devices including those from Apple, Samsung, and Google. FreePower partners with brands, OEMs, and technology suppliers across several verticals, including consumer electronics, automotive, furniture and hospitality, to make “wireless charging as it was meant to be” available everywhere.

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