Aira® Acquires Spansive Patent Assets, Strengthening IP Portfolio Around Groundbreaking…

Chandler, Arizona
December 17, 2022
Aira® Acquires Spansive Patent Assets, Strengthening IP Portfolio Around Groundbreaking…
Strategic IP deal adds strength and breadth to Aira’s existing organic portfolio of 50+ patent assets covering industry-leading innovations in free-position wireless charging

Aira Inc.​, developer of FreePower​®, a groundbreaking full-surface wireless charging platform, announces today that it has acquired the patent assets of wireless charging firm Spansive (formerly known as Pi, Inc.). This is the latest addition to Aira’s growing strategic patent portfolio, which now comprises more than 50 active patent assets in the US, Europe, and Asia – a testament to Aira’s commitment to protecting and preserving its competitive advantage in multi-device, free-position wireless charging.  

Spansive was founded in 2015 and raised more than $14m for the development of more convenient and user-friendly wireless charging solutions. In 2017, the company won the $50,000 Startup Battlefield Competition at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF 2017 event, for its cone-shaped desktop power transmitter designed to charge devices within a one-foot radius. After rebranding from Pi to Spansive, they introduced a Qi-based multi-device charger that aimed to do away with the need for precise device alignment, a perennial issue with standard wireless chargers.  

“The addition of the Spansive portfolio further strengthens Aira’s IP positioning with respect to innovations that will drive the future of wireless charging,” said Jeff Risher,

Aira’s Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel, who joined Aira in March 2020 following prior roles as Chief IP Counsel at Tesla and head of Patent Strategy and Licensing at Apple.

Aira’s innovations seek to fix the flawed user experience that is typical of wireless charging, starting with the root of the issue: the alignment problem. A single FreePower surface is able to charge multiple Qi-based devices simultaneously, in any position or orientation, without the need to align devices with a specific “sweet spot”. FreePower was developed from the ground up, and designed to be an adaptable platform that can be scaled into any size, shape, and accommodate any number of devices for virtually any application.  

Aira has designed, engineered, and built the entire FreePower wireless charging system from end-to-end, including the controlling chipset and firmware, unique multi-layer PCB coil architecture, custom power electronics, and extensive in-house testing and validation equipment, and its innovations are covered by its growing portfolio of patent assets.

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About FreePower

FreePower is setting a new standard for wireless charging through its elegant hardware and software solution that offers complete freedom of placement across surfaces. Founded in 2017, FreePower is an elegant, adaptable solution that pushes long-standing boundaries to deliver on the fundamental promise of wireless charging – convenience. Built to work with devices operating on the Qi standard, FreePower​ is compatible with all major Qi devices including those from Apple, Samsung, and Google. FreePower partners with brands, OEMs, and technology suppliers across several verticals, including consumer electronics, automotive, furniture and hospitality, to make “wireless charging as it was meant to be” available everywhere.

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