Aira Founder Jake Slatnick Named Forbes 30 Under 30

November 29, 2022
Aira Founder Jake Slatnick Named Forbes 30 Under 30
Jake Slatnick is the founder and CEO of wireless charging startup Aira. Conventional wireless chargers deliver power only when devices are precisely aligned, but Aira’s pad is active from corner to corner, ensuring devices charge no matter where they’re placed. Slatnick is a Shark Tank winner, and Aira has raised $12 million. This award is considered one of the most prestigious for entrepreneurs under the age of 30.
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About FreePower

In 2017, FreePower (FKA Aira) took the first steps towards reinventing a technology that had always fallen short of expectations: wireless charging. Today, we have more than 230 patent assets for our advanced system, all of which were engineered in-house. After years of perfecting the technology, we launched the second-generation FreePower with Tesla in 2023, followed by our latest innovation: FreePower for Countertop. From bar tops at a restaurant to kitchen islands and home offices, this embedded technology seamlessly integrates into surfaces of all kinds. We are now partnering with leading architects, designers, builders, and fabricators to bring power to the spaces that connect us.